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Mission and Vision

Mission and Vision

Organization Mission

To enhance the quality of life for veterans by offering holistic health services and help bring homelessness and hunger to an end among veterans. The Beacon Of Light Institute For Veterans is veterans-centered, meaning that the care provided is based on the veterans own needs, priorities, and life circumstances. An intermediated level of care will be offered to the disabled veterans who do not need hospital or nursing home care, yet they are unable to live independently in the community. We are passionately committed to provide care and services of the highest quality and value in a welcoming, safe, happy, family-like environment, promoting the health, independence and social interaction of veterans from different demographics, races, ethnic and age groups.


Striving to be a place of healing...putting the pieces back together again.


- To assist in the smooth transitioning back into civilian life and create a sense of normality.

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Our Objectives Are As Follows

  • To provide psychological counseling to PTSD - affected veterans and their families through evidence-based treatment, clinical management, referrals, and delivery of resources to transitioning veterans in need of VA Care or later if appropriate.
  • To make holistic therapies accessible to combat veterans who have endured military service traumas and pain. There are other, more efficient ways to regain their health and functioning than prescribing more medications. Rather than hospitalized and incarcerate later, we should focus our energies and resources on early healing. As a part of our national prosperity, we need their discipline and courage.
  • To assist each veteran in achieving self-determination, increased income and or work skills, re-integration back into society, and enhanced residential stability. Specific service plans, created by an assigned case manager with input from each client, will be used to accomplish our objectives. Each veteran faithfully following his or her case manager's service plan and all other program requirements. Will be in good standing and will be considered eligible as a transitional housing program graduates and for other programs and services.